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Chippy Creek Stream Restoration Phase 2

UBC is funding Trout Unlimited and the U.S. Forest Service to restore the final 1,200 feet of Chippy Creek upstream of the Lanes Cuttoff Road in coordination with the private landowner. The project will also install a new floodplain culvert on Chippy Creek at the Lanes Cutoff Road to accompany the concrete bridge installed in 2018. TU will use funds from the USFWS to purchase the new culverts. This builds on the stream restoration and bridge replacement work completed in 2018-19 with overall cumulative
benefits of the project that include (1) improved fish habitat and passage, (2) reduced streambank erosion, (3) increased road-stem crossing flood capacity and public safety, and (4) restored stream and floodplain stability and function. The channel and floodplain
elements also restore riparian vegetation and adjacent wetland complexes that were lost when the stream down cut. The result will be more diverse instream and riparian habitat and improved water quality (both temperature and sediment reduction benefits).

Chippy Creek USFS photo (1).png

Photo credit: US Forest Service

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