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2017 Tour of UBC Projects Shifted to Spring

The tour of UBC projects, traditionally held in the fall, was scheduled for the spring this year so that participants could see the full impact of UBC’s restoration work.

Participants toured three UBC projects including the Kent Allen Diversion Project, a pelican nesting site at Blackfoot Reservoir, and the Sheep Creek Restoration Project.

At all three sites, the impact of the restoration work is most visible in the spring. At the Kent Allen Diversion Project and the Sheep Creek Restoration Project, the spring bloom shows the restoration in its full glory while seasonal die-off each fall makes the true extent of the effects of restoration difficult to grasp. Similarly, the extent of pelican predation, which UBC is working to reduce, is visible only in the spring when the seasonal fish migration attracts the nesting birds.

Kent Allen Diversion Project

Pelican Nesting at Blackfoot Reservoir

Sheep Creek Restoration Project

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