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Ours is a unique partnership of three mining companies and two conservation groups dedicated to improving the streams and trout fishery of Idaho’s Upper Blackfoot River. The high valleys of the upper Blackfoot are prized by Idahoans for their scenery and outdoor recreation.

Historically, native Yellowstone cutthroat trout thrived in the Upper Blackfoot River. Over the years, human activity has degraded key river habitat, and fish populations have declined.

Each UBC partner shares a strong commitment to rebuilding and enhancing habitat for native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. 

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Upper Blackfoot Map 2012-2018 projects.j

Our restoration projects include replacing old irrigation diversions with fish friendly structures; reducing livestock impacts to streams; and restoring stream banks, native vegetation, and meander patterns. Our efforts have opened 25 miles of historic spawning habitat and improved the health of the Upper Blackfoot River.

All of our projects are selected according to rigorous assessments of habitat conditions and fish passage obstacles as well as analyses of data on fish populations.


We don’t work alone. Since our first projects in 2012, we’ve worked collaboratively with local landowners and ranchers, federal and state government agencies, and tribes. Our partners have been essential to our accomplishments.

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