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Diamond Creek Road Relocation

This project will relocate 1,500 feet of the Diamond Creek Road (FS1102) from a frequently flooded area near the creek to the outer edge of the valley bottom. This portion of road several miles south of the intersection with the Lanes Creek Road is flooded due to high water and beaver dams along the creek at least annually. This causes erosion, sediment inputs to the creek, and unsafe driving conditions. Diamond Creek contains native Yellowstone cutthroat trout and other sensitive and important aquatic species that would benefit from the proposed restoration project.


This project is designed to permanently address the problem by relocating 1,500 feet of road to the east (100-150 feet) to the outer edge of the valley bottom. The objective of the project is to increase public safety, restore 0.7 acres of riparian and wetland habitat, increase floodplain function, improve water quality, reduce annual maintenance and allow beavers to naturally develop their habitat. The relocation and restoration would be achieved through a partnership involving Caribou Targhee NF, Caribou County, Upper Blackfoot Confluence (UBC), Lower Valley Energy and others.

Diamond Creek Road Relocation Aerial --

Photo credit: US Forest Service

Diamond Creek Road Relocation -- USFS ph
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