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Dredge Property Project

A Caribou County Soil & Water Conservation District Project

The main stem Blackfoot River corridor upstream from Blackfoot Reservoir has a history of intensive livestock grazing that has resulted in denuded riparian areas, unstable streambanks and accelerated erosion. Many of these areas have been restored in recent years simply by excluding cattle and allowing vegetation to recover. The Dredge property is one where cattle still have unrestricted access to the river, and, as a result, the streambanks and riparian corridor are currently degraded. The lack of vegetation has accelerated erosion, straightened the channel, and resulted in increased sediment and elevated water temperatures in this reach of the Blackfoot River. Landowner Drew Dredge wants to address these impacts through installing fence and an off-stream watering system to keep cattle out of the riparian area. The watering system will be solar-driven and include five watering troughs. The proposal is for UBC funds to pay for a well, pipeline, watering troughs, solar pump facility, and riparian fence. The Caribou County Soil and Water Conservation District is a primary partner on this project..


  1. Construct 3/4 mile of fence along the Blackfoot River to exclude cattle from the riparian area.

  2. Install a well, five off-channel watering troughs, solar pumps, and 2640 feet of conveyance pipe to provide water for cattle away from the river corridor.


Project Partners

UBC will provide funding for the Dredge Property Project with possible participation from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (EQUIP Program). The Caribou County Soil and Water Conservation District is a primary partner on this project.

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