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Kent Allen Diversion Project

The Kent Allen diversion project was a four-year partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Regional Conservation Partnership Program and landowner Kent Allen. We replaced the existing full-span dam on the main stem Upper Blackfoot River with a submerged concrete sill and incorporated fishway.  This structure — coupled with fish screens on both sides of the river — facilitates upstream and downstream fish passage and allows natural fluvial process like sediment and bedload transport to continue. The project also provides more efficient water diversion for Kent Allen with substantially less maintenance.


New Water Diversion System

Trout Unlimited's Matt Woodard demonstrates the electronic controls for the new water diversion system.


A Productive Partnership

NRCS Soda Springs District Conservationist Larry Mickelsen discusses the Kent Allen, NRCS, UBC partnership.


New Bridge Construction

2017 UBC tour participants inspect the new bridge constructed as part of the Kent Allen diversion project.

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